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Susan Riba Susan Riba has resided in the Conejo Valley for 21 years. She began her serious study of art twelve years ago at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks. During that time she has developed her own unique representation of life in her signature Multi-canvas paintings, where she utilizes several canvases of varying sizes and depths to create her three-dimensional works. Additionally, Susan has specialized in black and white oil portraiture, typically of subjects from previous eras of life in the United States. (Portraiture available by commission only)

Susan has gained her perspective on life through her experience of raising her three children, now adults, with her husband. She couples this perspective with her talents in art as a featured Resident Artist in the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools’ Artist in the Classroom program. Through her work Susan teaches children about the depth and richness that art adds to our world, and allows them to build their artistic ability, insuring the continuation of future artists in the Conejo.

Susan has traveled widely throughout the world. Many of her subjects reflect these experiences, from a homeless man in Venice, to the dramatic skies of Scotland and the flora of Costa Rica.


--Multi-canvas paintings, where she utilizes several canvases of varying sizes and depths to create one painting.

--Black and white oil portraiture by commission, typically from old photographs from the 1930's to 1950's.

Susan’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Southern California. Her work is found in private collections across the United States.


  • 2004 Barefoot Gallery, Topanga
  • 2005 Healing Art Gallery, Thousand Oaks
  • 2006 Hope is Art Auction, Thousand Oaks
  • 2006 Reyes Adobe Days Art Expo, Agoura Hills